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Building Bridges Across Religious Divides

Inspiring people everywhere to explore the world's religions
without losing their own.

Welcome to World Religions for Kids!

World Religions for Kids, founded by Rev. Vicki Michela Garlock, Ph.D., is uniquely focused on helping children of all ages (and their adults) learn about the world's faith traditions. Our approach emphasizes age-appropriate elements of religious practice like holydays, rituals, and sacred spaces, while remaining non-devotional. It has proven successful with students in various schools (public, private, parochial, charter), in families with a range of beliefs (one faith, multifaith, no faith), and in faith communities from different traditions/denominations.

If you're interested in global competence, religious freedom, and building a more peaceful world, our resources are for you! Join us via email and/or social media, as we move beyond tolerance and create compassionate understanding together!